The Men's Sprint Race prize-winners commentaries


The winner Maxim Tchoudov:

-I must admit that it's really hard to compete in my hometown. My health was not the best today, because I didn't feel very well during the previous competition. I did my best today. Anton and I were side to side at the final lap. I understand that my teammates are stronger than me now. You all know well that I missed lot of training. I did my best at the final lap. It turned out well and I'm very happy. I thank my family, relatives and the fans who are present here today for their support. And, of course, I'd like to thank my teammates who made me work at the last lap. I still cannot fully get over it.

Everybody was worried about you today-the press and the fans. Did you feel their support?

-You cannot imagine how nervous I am before a start. I know that everyone watches my competitions and expects me to win something. And it helps me when the fans are happy with my victory and feel compassion for my misfortune.

Do you miss the big races and why were you not very fast at the beginning of today’s race?

-I put all my energy at the start of the races. You know, the roller-skis, a lot of speed and if you lose much time at the beginning of the race, it would be hard to catch up. As to participating in big competitions, it isn’t that I missed them, I do miss them-the competitions, the positions I’ve occupied. These things give you emotions, adrenaline, that I’ve been missing for the last 1.5 years.

Silver medalist Aleksey Volkov (Russia):

-The competition went according to the basic pattern-track, shooting range, track, shooting range, finish. I suppose the competition turned out to be good. Getting one penalty loop after prone position is my fault, my mistake. I wouldn’t say that I lost much to my teammates. All three of us raced almost equally, but Maksim Tchoudov gained more speed than Anton and I.

Bronze medalist Anton Shipulin (Russia):

-Aleksey and I made a deal to let Tchoudov win, after all the Championship is being held on his home turf. Butofcourse,ImkiddingIt was hard to run, especially on the last loop. Idontknowwhatthe reason wasWewillanalyzeit together withthecoachesI fell behind in the final lap. But third place still gets a medal and I’m happy with that. I hope I will do better tomorrow and push my teammates to do better.









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