The Women’s Pursuit Medalists Comments


The Winner Vita Semerenko (Ukraine):
-The competition was a success for me . I set a goal to finish the World Championship like this. I had to keep after Olga Zaitseva whole time. I was worried during the last shooting round. But in the end I made one less mistake and tried to keep that advantage until the finish. I thank Olya for the great competition.
Silver medalist Olga Zaitseva(Russia):
-Thanks to all the competitors for the competition. In pursuit everything depends on the shooting round. I messed up a little today. But for me the Championship was great. I’m satisfied with the silver medal I got today. You cannot win all the time, you should leave some room for the future gold medals.
Bronze medalist Olena Pidrushina (Russia):
-At the beginning the competition went smoothly. We raced side by side with Natasha Burdyga. We often train together, that’s why we raced calmly. Then she had to run 2 penalty loops and after that I didn’t see her. I had to work on my own. I understood that I’ve been somewhere near to the leaders of the race. On the last standing shooting round I saw how Sveta Sleptsova took her time aiming each shot and I had to take a risk. We went on the last loop together. When we were on the homestretch, I managed to speed up, but Sveta couldn’t keep up. I’m very happy, I remembered all the coaches who told us always to fight until the last meter.









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